Responsible fashion and transparency.

Because... there is no planet b.

Say hello to our responsible fabrics and suppliers! As you’ve probably heard us ramble on about already, we always try as hard as we can to provide you with the best products not only for you, but also for our planet.

We put a lot of effort into developing and maintaining an ethical production process, from fabric sourcing to manufacturing. Here is how we do it

Made in Montréal.

At Sokoloff Lingerie, our products have always been designed in our beloved home city of Montréal, Canada.

But did you know that the vast majority of our production is also manufactured here? If you are looking for locally-made undergarments, keep an eye out for our #MTL logo.


Ethically made in Peru.

We have always been a proudly Canadian company and over the years we have created a brand that we are incredibly proud of. Being a lingerie brand that offers delicately hand-sewn products, one of our biggest struggles is finding talented and dedicated production help. As our company continues to grow, it has become an insurmountable obstacle. In order to keep pace with our growth and maintain our quality standards, we have been forced to look outside of Canada for assistance with production.

Our core values and our determination to offer ethically-made products remain, and our new partner in Peru has been chosen after careful consideration and only once we were able to make sure the conditions of the factory exceeded our expectations and requirements.

Organic sourcing.

Our laces and fabrics are a really important part of our products, which is why we always choose them wisely! We use organic cotton that is grown without chemical fertilizers and requires less water. Growing cotton organically benefits the farmers and their families, allowing them to operate in a safer working environment, use clean water and get better pricing for their hard work. This choice also benefits YOU, as this cotton is softer for your skin and reduces risks of allergic reactions. You will find organic cotton in the lining of ever panty. We combine this organic cotton with recycled spandex to make it even more flexible and comfortable for you. Amazing, right?

We also use bamboo, the fastest growing plant and one that doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizers. Our bamboo is Oeko-Tex certified, meaning its transformation meets ecological standards. Bamboo fiber is naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic and is super breathable. Plus, it is oh-so-soft, which we don’t mind AT ALL!

Sustainable Process

You might not know this, but most of the fibers used in the textile industry are man-made. However, we do our best to find partners that concentrate specific effort toward reducing their ecological footprint during the production process, even while using man-made fibers.

From cutting their water and energy consumptions to using the most natural products possible, we make sure our suppliers are aligned with our mission of making fashion sustainable. We partner with a local dyer who colors our laces and fabrics with care and respects the Quebec environmental standards, using less water and dyes that are softer for the environment than large industrial mills.

We also work with Atelier Retailles, a Montreal-based papermaking studio that uses off-cuts of fabric to make beautiful paper, reusing what would otherwise be going to waste.